Eagle Pledges

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Eagle Scout Pledge

I, [ Scout's name ], believe in the Boy Scouts of America as a movement that has as its aim and purpose, character building and citizenship training. I believe it to be a movement that helps a Scout become master of his own powers, helps him get along with others and helps him find a worthy use for his talents.

I believe it is my duty to do my best to obey the Scout Oath and Law. I hereby renew my commitment to Scouting and promise to do what I can in service to other Scouts who are still on the Eagle trail.

Eagle Pledge II

I, [ Scout's name ] on my honor as an Eagle Scout, promise to work to better Scouting in my Troop and to influence all Scouts for greater advancement and participation. I will conduct myself in a manner fitting and proper for one of this high rank. I will do my best, to give leadership in service whenever I can. This I promise to do always.

An Eagle Scout Pledge

The Eagle Scout candidate will now take the Eagle Scout pledge. As the candidate takes this pledge for the first time, will those Eagle Scouts who are present in the audience please stand and reaffirm their pledge? Will each of you please give the Scout Sign and repeat after me in unison?

On my honor, I will do my best, to do my duty to God.
On my honor, I will do my best, to do my duty to my country.
I reaffirm my allegiance to the three promises of the Scout Oath.
I thoughtfully recognize and take upon myself
the obligations and responsibilities of the rank of Eagle Scout.

On my honor, I will do my best to make my training an example,
and make my rank and influence strongly count
for better scouting and for better citizenship,
in my troop, in my community, and in my contact with other people,
regardless of race, color, or creed.
To this, I pledge my sacred honor.

The Eagle Scouts in the audience may now be seated.

I charge you to enter this Eagle Scout brotherhood holding ever before you, without reservation, the ideals of honor and service. By repeating of the Eagle Scout pledge before your fellow members, you have become an Eagle Scout. Though the words you used just now are similar to those by which you joined Scouting, today they mean more than they ever could have meant at that time, or at any time in the past. When you pledged yourself on your sacred honor, using the same words which are found at the end of the Declaration of Independence, you sealed your eternal loyalty to the code of the Eagle Scout.

[ As one Eagle Scout to another, ] by the authority vested in me by the National Court of Honor of the Boy Scouts of America, it is my privilege and pleasure to pronounce you an Eagle Scout. May the oath you have taken remain true in your heart.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Scouts and Scouters, I present to you Eagle Scout [ Scout's name ].

-- Thanks to Steve Aberle, saberle@olympic.brigadoon.com

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