Patrols and Dens travel on their stomachs. So if you gotta fill it, you might as well fill it well. Thus the Cooking for Scouts and Scouters resource of recipes, cooking hints, and related things. They say that food tastes better outdoors anyway, but if you don't start with good food, I'm not sure that is true. So browse these great resources and find some awesome things to cook outdoors.

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      Included is the Geezer Cookbook by Dwayne Pritchett, and the long version of The Dutch Oven Cookbook version 2.3, original compilation in 1990 © by Mike Audleman, and added to by John Lyver. Also included here is the compilation of Foil Dinner Recipes by Kim Kowalewski. There is a growing Chili recipes section, with several recipes from the Geezer's Cookbook.
      New to the MacScouter's Cooking for Scouts & Scouters pages are the "A Taste of Troop 928 Cookbook" by Dennis Schmitt, and the "Philmont Country Cookbook" by Dennis Schmitt, Joe Corby, James "Jop" Joplin, and Larry E. Warlick. These documents are quite large, about 1 MByte in MS Word, so are also available in PDF.
      If you have some good camping recipes, a Troop or Pack cookbook, please send them to me to include here.

Table of Contents

Dutch Oven Cooking, Camping and Outdoors Cooking

Read Baloo's Bugle in PDF Format

The Dutch Oven Cookbook , version 2.3, by Mike Audleman and John Lyver.

Read Baloo's Bugle in PDF Format

The Geezer Cookbook , by Dwayne Pritchett, with an introduction by Mark Michalski.

"Philmont Country Cookbook" by Dennis Schmitt, Joe Corby, James "Jop" Joplin, and Larry E. Warlick.

"A Taste of Troop 928 Cookbook" by Dennis Schmitt

The Cooking Hints from Harry Simmons

Foil Cooking

  • Foil Cooking Recipes -- Also called Hobo Dinners and Pocket Meals.

    Box Oven Cooking

    Read Baloo's Bugle in PDF Format

    The Box Oven Cookbook -- yes, you really can bake in a box

    Backpacking Cooking

    Other Scouting Cooking Pages

    Other Resources

  • Dutch Oven Related Information:

    Backpacking Food Resources

    Related Cooking and Recipes Information:

    • Outdoor Cooking Cook it anywhere anytime! Find all your outdoor cooking equipment, gas stoves, barbecue grills, barbecue accessories, Camp Chef stoves and accessories.

        Note: To the best of my knowledge the material contained in these Cooking pages is either not copyrighted or permission has been granted to reproduce the information for Scouting purposes. I have no intention to violate anybody's copyright. If it is brought to my attention that some material here is copyrighted and should not be reproduced in this manner, I will delete it immediately. However, according to copyright law, a list of ingredients and the instructions for preparing those ingredients cannot be copyrighted.

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