The Geezer Cookbook

By Dwayne Pritchett -- "Medicine Man"

Welcome to the Geezer Cookbook on-line.

        "Whether you are just visiting here to gather great Dutch-oven cooking recipes or just surfing the net, I would like to extend a warm Geezer welcome to everyone!
       "You may be asking yourself, what is a Geezer? Well thoughts of older folks, sitting around a porch and telling stories of yesteryear comes to my mind, so if you have a moment, I'll spin a little tale of the Medicine Man and the Geezer's Cookbook.
       "Dwayne Pritchett (aka by his OA vigil name, the 'Medicine Man'), was a father, a Scoutmaster, a husband and a man who loved spicy foods and Dutch oven cooking among other things in life. This passion led him to compile a collection of his favorite recipes on bits of paper, 3x5 cards, napkins and such. Over his Scouting years, whenever he would go on a camporee, summer camp, conclave or Scouting event he was always on the prowl for good Dutch oven and great spicy recipes. So in Dwayne's eyes, a 'Geezer' was anyone that shared a penchant for spicy cooking, one who truly loved the hot stuff, whooo-eeee!!
       "Now as Dwayne sought to put the accumulated recipes into a format that others could enjoy, he found an electronic medium to put them into and once he found this, his next quest was sharing these 350+ recipes with his fellow Scouts & Scouters, so that they might enjoy and share his love of spicy cooking.
       "I first met up with Dwayne on the Scout board on Prodigy in 1993. I had been posting some items under the heading "the final word", that were short items, inspirational in tone. Dwayne, enjoyed these and immediately started up his own thread of longer inspirational messages, stories and Scoutmasters minutes under the heading of "the Medicine Man's minute" everyone on the BSA board on Prodigy loved these and he continued to post these as time went on.
       "Dwayne began to offer his compilation of recipes, to the Scouting fraternity, all he asked in return for his effort was a council shoulder patch to keep track of all the different councils he was communicating with. The news spread far and wide and Dwayne was kept busy, posting his 'minutes' and shipping discs with his Geezer Cookbook on them to Scouters around the country.
       "In April of 1995, Dwaynes' family posted a note on the BSA board on Prodigy, that Dwayne had been diagnosed with a tumor on his esophagus and would be off-line for a time, due to chemo-therapy treatments he would be taking, to try and rid him of the cancer. In August of 1995, I was informed that Dwayne had passed away due to the cancer. His death came as a shock to all of us.
       "As I never had a chance to say a proper good-bye to Dwayne and to thank him for his Cyber-friendship, I resolved myself to continue to spread his recipes in the spirit of the medicine man. This on-line compilation, is the result of that resolution. From the Medicine Man to you, in the Spirit of Friendship please enjoy this effort.
       "Here's to you Medicine Man!"

       -- Mark Michalski

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The Geezer Cookbook , by Dwayne Pritchett, with an introduction by Mark Michalski.

       Below you will find a Table of Contents to branch to individual sections. Below that you will find the Recipe Index, from which you can branch to individual recipes in the Geezer Cookbook.

Table of Contents

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