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     Most skits on the MacScouter have been provided by Boy Scouters. Now, a lot of the skits are generic and can be performed by boys or girls. There is however a decidedly cops and robbers, guns and knives flavor to some of the stuff.
Here you will find skits provided by Girl Scouters and Girl Guiders, with a slant to those programs. I would like to see this resource expand greatly, so if you don't see your favorite skits here, and you would like to share them with everyone else on the Web, send them to me.

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Nature Girl

Our Juniors have a favorite, I hope I can explain it in text because it involves quite as bit of 'attitude'!!

The scene is played over a number of times in different ways. The basic sketch is an acting set with a director. The players are:

The director
Set Assistant (the person who announces the 'take' and raps the 'thingy' (!! ??!!))
The Nature Girl
The mom
The doctor
The ambulance (made up of around 4 girls)
The camera person

Nature girl in center of stage, Director to the side. Set Assistant enters.

SET ASSISTANT: "Nature Girl, scene one, take one" (exits)
DIRECTOR: "Action"
NATURE GIRL: " Hi, my name is Susie, I love nature, I love everything about it! I love the trees, I love the sky, I love the flowers, I love that snake....Oh it bit me.." falls to ground.
MOM: (enters) "Oh no! My daughters been bit by a snake! Doctor, Doctor!!"

Doctor enters flanked by four girls, two in front and two behind carrying flashlights. They twirl flashlights over their head and say "Woo, Woo, Woo Woo".(like a siren) When they reach the fallen Nature Girl, the doctor leaves the 'ambulance' and joins mom at daughters side.

DOCTOR: "What seems to be the problem?"
MOM :"My daughters been bit by a snake"
DOCTOR: "I'm afraid it's dead"
MOM: "Not the snake my daughter!"

DIRECTOR: "Cut, Cut, It needs to be happier. Let's try it again"
CAMERA PERSON: "Director, Director....."
DIRECTOR: "Not now, not now.. "

They play the whole scene again from the top. The Assistant snaps the frame and announces 'Scene one, take two". Only this time it is played overly happy!! They belly laugh through all the lines.Even when the mom calls for the doctor, and the doctor says 'It's Dead" (this plays very funny).

Again the director says 'Cut' and this time it's too happy and they need to 'tone it down'. This time the scene is played again (scene one, take three) very somber and monotone, with no feeling or express, (this is a riot!!). The assistant again runs up crying"Director, director..." , but the director says 'Not now."

At the end of this scene the Director says "Let's try something different, let's try 'Valley Girl style'"! This time through (scene one, take four) all the players say 'Like' in front of everything they say. As an xample:

Like, my name is Susie, I , like, love nature.etc.
Like , oh, like, it bit me!
Like, I'm afraid it's, like, dead.
Like, what seems to be the problem?"

The really big joke is when the amublance arrives saying, "Like woo, Like woo, Like woo!!"

At the end of this version, when the camera person runs up saying, "Director, director..", the director finally says "What?" and the camera person replies. "There's no film in the camera!"

This is one of the best skits I have ever seen done at campfires and our troop thanks the 'unknown ' troop we saw perform it at Whispering Oaks last year!!!

-- Thanks to Linda Puchon


The Brat

Scene: A Jr. Girl Scout and her friend are walking along the sidewalk with a little sister of one of the girls.

Friend: Are you watching Tina today?

Big Sister: Yes, it?s part of earning my badge on ?Caring for Children.?

Friend: Can I help? I?d like to earn that badge, too.

Tina: Hey, there?s an ant! Pick it up! (The older girls protest, ?no way, never, etc.? Tina cries and wails.)

Big Sister: O.K., O.K., I?ll pick it up (pick up ant), now, are you happy? (Tina dries her eyes)

Tina (to friend): Now, you pet it.

Friend: What? Never! (Tina cries and wails.)

Friend: Shhhh! Shhhh! O.K., I?ll pet it (pets it hesitantly, Tina quiets.)

Tina: O.K., now put it down and step on it! (Older girls protest, Tina screams and cries.)

Big Sister: O.K., but that?s it, then we?re going. (Puts ant down and hesitantly steps on it. Tina quits crying)

Tina: O.K., now cut it up! (Older girls protest more than ever, Tina screams and cries.)

Big Sister: O.K., O.K., Tina. I can?t believe this! (Takes out pretend pocket knife and cuts ant, Tina quiets.)

Tina: O.K., now eat it! (Older girls REALLY protest, Tina screams and cries.)

Friend: You know, we might as well get this over with. She?s not going to quiet down until we give her what she wants. Besides, it?s just protein!

(Older girls hesitantly pick up ant from sidewalk, grimace, and choke halves of the ant down. Now Tina cries louder than ever.)

Big Sister: Good grief! NOW what?s wrong?

Tina: YOU ate my PIECE!!!

-- Thanks to Annette Hampton

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