The MacScouter's Songs for Scouts and Scouters collection has grown quite large. It has now expanded beyond Gross Songs to include some good old Campfire Songs, silly songs and chants and songs for Leaders. The Campfire Songs I have tried to include here are ones that are not that easy to find. You may not find some very familiar songs here. Turns out that lots of songs we sing around the campfire are copyrighted and cannot be reproduced on a Web Site. I will continue to seek songs that can be placed here, while avoiding any copyright infringement.

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      Please do not send me e-mail asking for song lyrics that are not on these pages -- if it is not here, I don't have it. Please do not send me e-mail saying you are searching for a song -- try one off the online lyrics databases or Google. Please do not send me e-mail asking me for the tune to a specific song on these pages -- I received the song as you see it, and if it does not say, "Sung to the tune of...", I don't know what it is. Please do not send me e-mail asking me for guitar chords or sheet music -- I don't have them. However, if you have some great songs suitable for Scouts, campfires and youth groups in general, that you don't see here, please send your favorites and I'll include them here.

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Other Sources of Songs:

  • Song Lyrics -- a wonderful site maintained by Sue Wichers, with lots of lyrics and links to other resources.

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