Boy Scout Baden-Powell Patrol Ceremonies

Ceremony for the Baden-Powell Award

Materials needed:

  • Baden -Powell Star for each Patrol Member, in envelope
  • Patrol emblem of B-P Patrol
  • Single Baden-Powell star
  • (these two items should be taped to a card, in the way that they would be worn if on a shirt)
  • Eight small candles
  • One large candle
  • Safety pin


  • Patrol Leader of Baden-Powell Patrol
  • Assistant Patrol Leader of Baden-Powell Patrol
  • Senior Patrol Leader
  • Scoutmaster

The ceremony starts with all lights out, and the large candle lit.

Scoutmaster: "Tonight, we recognize the ___________Patrol for their group efforts toward bettering our Troop and their Patrol. Will the Patrol Leader of the ___________Patrol please come forward and bring your Patrol Flag"

(Patrol Leader and Assistant Patrol Leader stands in front of Troop, facing the candles and the Scoutmaster and Senior Patrol Leader. Assistant Patrol Leader holds the Patrol Flag.)

Scoutmaster: "Baden-Powell, the founder of Scouting, had some ideas on what kept kids together. He tried out those ideas at a camp and invited boys to come and participate in this experiment. He found that Scouting works better with a group of eight, and that this group must work and support each other...not just meet. This is the principle behind this special BSA award, which bears his name."

Senior Patrol Leader: "The Baden-Powell Patrol Star Award is a PATROL, not Scout, honor. To earn the Star, the Patrol must:

(lights first small candle) Have Patrol Spirit. (lights second small candle) Meet as a Patrol. (lights third small candle) Have representation at the Patrol Leaders' Council. (lights fourth small candle) and must work as a Patrol.

I have the honor of presenting this award to the ________ Patrol, of Troop ____. Please bring the patrol flag forward."

(Assistant Patrol Leader brings Patrol Flag forward, and while Scoutmaster holds flag still, Senior Patrol Leader attaches the card with the Patrol Emblem and B-P star to the flag. Assistant Patrol Leader takes flag back to stand beside Patrol Leader.)

Scoutmaster: "The Baden-Powell Patrol Star Award is a GROUP, not individual, honor. There were some additional things that the _________ Patrol had to accomphish. To do this, it required them to:

(lights fifth small candle) Wear their uniforms correctly with pride (lights sixth small candle) Assist each other in advancing upwards on the Scouting trail (lights seventh small candle) Do Patrol events and activities (lights eighth candle) and Build their Patrol to EIGHT.

We started out with only one candle...representing the spirit of Scouting. From there, this spirit spread to your Patrol Leader, and in turn, to each and every member of your Patrol. As we lit additional candles, you began to see more and more light and looked at the group instead of the individual candles.

Senior Patrol Leader: As the "light" of Scouting grew in your Patrol, people in and out of our Troop started to see you not as individuals, but as a group. You agreed to work together, to help each other, and to be the best Patrol you can....just like those boys participating in Brownsea did.

Scoutmaster: For your efforts, I am proud to present to your Patrol Leader Baden-Powell stars for each member of his Patrol. May this encourage you onward to earn a second, third and as many stars as your Patrol can. Congratulations, and don't forget to share your experiences with others as you move onward on the Scouting trail!"

(Scoutmaster presents envelope with stars to the Patrol Leader, and shakes hand with the Scoutmaster. The Patrol Leader and Assistant Patrol Leader return to their Patrol line or seats.

Hope this helps someone out there needing a simple but meaningful ceremony to award these emblems by. You can modify it by creating a ribbon and attaching the Patrol emblem and star to it, therefore making it easier for the Patrol to be recognized.

-- Thanks to (MAJ) Mike L. Walton (Settummanque, the blackeagle

Baden-Powell Patrol Award Ceremony

SPL lights a gold candle and calls the troop to attention.

SPL: "Mr Scoutmaster, the __________ Patrol of Troop ____ has proven itself most worth and has completed all the requirements for the Baden-Powell Patrol Award."

SM: "Mr. Senior Patrol Leader, assemble the patrol."

SPL: "__________ patrol - front and center." SPL hands an unlit white candle to each Scout as they assemble. The patrol forms a line facing the troop with the SPL and ASPL at the ends.

SM: "Mr. Assistant Senior Patrol Leader, what are the achievements of the Buck Patrol."

ASPL: "They have shown patrol spirit and have conducted themselves with great honor. They have fulfilled their duty to others through patrol service projects. They have had patrol meetings and have planned and carried out patrol events. They have helped with the planning and execution of the troop's program through their participation on the Patrol Leaders Council . Two of their member have recently advanced and they routinely present themselves in proper Scout uniforms."

SPL: "They have proven themselves worthy of this honor and the Patrol Leaders Council has confirmed their worthiness. In remembrance of Lord Baden-Powell, the founder of Scouting and the creator of the Patrol Method, I recommend that the Buck Patrol be awarded the Baden-Powell Patrol Award to wear below their patrol patch as a symbol of their great achievements for all to see."

SM: "Mr. Senior Patrol Leader, you may present the Baden-Powell Patrol Award patch to the members of the Buck Patrol."

SPL and ASPL present the patch to each Scout. The SPL then lights the Patrol Leader's candle and asks him to light the candle next to him and raise his candle high until all candles are lit and raised high.

SM: "May the __________ Patrol continue to light the way for Troop ____ as we continue down our Scouting path. __________ Patrol - Be Prepared!"

__________ PATROL AND TROOP: "We are prepared!"

SPL and SM: "Congratulations!"

-- Thanks to Bob Myers, SM, Troop 575, Dan Beard Council, Cincinnati, Ohio

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